Stem op een Vrouw has been declared an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by the Dutch Tax Authorities. This designation is issued to non-profit organizations that serve the public interest. More to the point, this means donations to our cause are tax-deductible.

General information, Board members, and compensaiton

The facts
• Name: Stem op een Vrouw
• Legal form: Stichting Stem op een Vrouw
• Website:
• Contact:
• Chamber of Commerce registration number: 68157940
• RSIN: 857325504
• IBAN: NL49INGB000776039

• Devika Partiman (Chair)
• Iris Bos (Treasurer)
• Santi van den Toorn (Secretary)

Team members
The Board members and team leaders are responsible for day-to-day management. They supervise volunteers and make sure the foundation’s goals are being met.

Stem op een Vrouw [Vote for Women] strives to improve the political representation and emancipation of women in the Netherlands. We work towards equal representation in all Dutch political organs, from municipal councils to the European Parliament. In doing so, we explicitly focus on all women, and actively promote diversity.

Stem op een Vrouw is almost exclusively run by volunteers, and receives financial support from funds and donors. This financial support is used to run campaigns, organize events, and hire third parties if necessary. Stem op een Vrouw is a non-profit organization.

The following is also mentioned in the Stem op een Vrouw bylaws: Board Members receive no compensation for their activities. Board Members receive no holiday pay or attendance fee. Our volunteers are compensated for their expenses, and whenever we hire third parties, we keep our organization’s limited size in mind. We pay fair hourly rates, which are accounted for in our Annual Reports.

Annual Report
Stem op een Vrouw is committed to publishing an Annual Report and financial account every year. Click here to read the 2017 Annual Report.