Only up to a certain extent. Politics serves an exemplary function, and as such is supposed to reflect society as a whole. We’ve never had a female Prime Minister, most of the country’s top management officials are male, and women are systematically being paid less than their male colleagues.

In theory, everyone should be able to deal with that inequality. However, in practice, it’s important to see equal representation in politics. Women will focus on different issues than their male colleagues. After all, men have been the majority in politics for decades, and they still haven’t addressed that inequality. We say we’ve waited long enough! If men won’t solve the issue on behalf of women, then it’s time for women to do so themselves. Voting for women helps us all to reach that goal.

Female elected representatives also serve as role models for other women and girls, whether or not they have political ambitions themselves. In order to foster the emancipation of women and girls, it’s important for women to be visible in positions of power. That’s why we say: Vote for Women!