Great! Unfortunately, that strategy doesn’t get more women elected. Because of her high ranking on the party list, she’ll easily get into Parliament without your help. That’s why it’s smarter to cast a preferential vote for women further down the list of candidates. Be sure to keep an eye on the polls. If a party is expected to win 5 seats, the smart thing to do is vote for the woman or women from number 5 on. That way, preferential voting might still get her into European Parliament!* And of course, vote for a woman who appeals to you!

*Electing candidates through preferential voting is possible in many European countries like The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. But even when your voting system does not allow candidates to be chosen through preferential voting, it is still an important signal to political parties when a many voters vote for women.